Sweden has to raise taxes to pay immigration

Finansminister Anders Borg (M) announces that either taxes will have to be raised or re-prioritized spending , reports Swedish Radio www.sr.se .

He states that the Government will give priority to bring in immigrants in the labor market .

– We will need to look at tax increases or prioritize on spending, says finance minister to state radio.

Among other things, the costs of sick leave and refugee flows from the Swedish -supported war in Syria to weigh finances.

– Looking ahead, there are some items of expenditure continues to tick and which may affect the scope for reform . Refugees in and from Syria gets bigger over a couple of years , says Anders Borg.

Swedish taxpayers pay already one of the highest taxes in the world.


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100.000 SEK for asylum tour to Sweden

SEK 100 000 for coveted package tour to Sweden

MASS IMMIGRATION Swedish passport is hard currency on the black market . Only this year has 300 Swedish passports seized at Ataturk Airport in Istanbul – a month. Syrians with money are buying package that takes them to the permissiveness of clarity and refunds Sweden .
Syrians who wish to Sweden, where automatic permanent residency is waiting, there are no legal avenues through Europe. The traffickers , however,have  a solid arsenal of possibilities, and sells complete packages where illegal identification documents are included like Swedish passports.
Those who can afford to avoid the more dangerous routes , are offerd package trips by plane to Sweden . To get on a plane to Sweden requires, however a visa or they, are Swedish citizens , and where no visas are issued currently in Syria  smugglers instead use Swedish passports of persons similar looking to ” refugees ” .
Equipped with the false passportthey slip  through security in the usual way , and well on board they leave the pass either back to the traffickers , who often are on the trip , or destroye them. Upon arrival in Sweden they presented the Syrian passport and asylum application is established.
In addition to the popular Swedish passports are also false variants , which are sold at many different Internet sites. In fact, Swedish passports are number one on  the black market according to Frontex, the European Agency for the Management of Operational Cooperation at the External Borders . Currently , the number of “lost” Swedish passport astray to 177 , 000.
In the wake of this problem calls for police an amendment which sets a limit on the number of new exercises, a person could ask for. In Sweden today there is no limitation , while the police in Norway may withhold the issuance of passports by suspicion of criminal activity.

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15 year old writes an open letter to Swedish Prime Minister


15 year old today published an open letter to Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt , written by 15 -year-old Moa Hansbäck. The letter questions why a person who caused the death of someone else and additionally guilty of repeated less serious crime can get away with 60 hours of community service as the sole penalty.

Moa´s story is about personal experiences. Her 11 year old cousin was hit by a 21- year-old man on motorcycle and died . The 21 -year-old had , not a license for motorcycle and the vehicle was unregistered . This happened in the small community Lillhärdal Härjedalen Sweden in summer 2012. According to Moa Hansbäck the 21 -year-old motorcycle driver was already known to the village to repeated cases of reckless driving without a license by both car and motorcycle . Still, the penalty by cout only was 60 hours of community service. In her letter Moa ask the following questions? :

” How can you get away so easy when you take another person’s life ? Every day it says in the

newspaper that someone had been murdered , stabbed , raped , beaten or robbed in Sweden. Will they also get away with working a few hours a day? ”

The issues 15 -year-old Moa ask about crime and punishment in today’s Sweden is of course fully reasonable. But you can from an immigration critical perspective while asking why a newspaper like Expressen choose to publish just this open letter to the Swedish Prime Minister?
Here it is about a case of an offense committed in a small rural community and the offender can almost certainly be assumed to be ” pure Swede ” .

Would Expressen or any other Swedish newspaper published a similar letter if it instead was about a group of men of Somali origin are allowed to stay in Sweden despite being convicted of participating in a rough gang rape ? Would the letter have been published if it came a bunch of young immigrants in Gothenburg,that assulted a Swedish disability old man for an unprovoked brutal beatings and been sentenced to one week’s gardening ?


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Conflict between immigrants in Sweden

Conflict between Eritreans believed to be the motive for arson in Stockholm
Eritreans arson One night in February this year was hit three sites in the Stockholm area of arson – one in Husby, one in Stockholm and one in Högdalen . All three premises are used by Eritrean immigrant associations that support the current regime in Eritrea. Police say they now interrogating a man who served on reasonable suspicion of being behind the fires. There is strong political tensions between Eritrean immigrants in Sweden and it may be seen as very likely that the arson was politically motivated.

Context it may be relevant to consider an issue that obviously is not highlighted in the “old media ” reporting. Eritrea is considered a dictatorship where human rights are regularly violated . For this reason, granted virtually all asylum seekers from Eritrea residence permit in Sweden . It would be reasonable to assume that these asylum seekers are critical of the regime . How it can be that there is obviously plenty of Eritreans in Sweden which supports the country’s dictatorial regime therefore seems at least curious . These people should of course not risk political persecution in their home country and rimligne have no grounds for asylum .

It may also be mentioned that the Eritrean regime wields power over Eritreans also on Swedish soil . It does so through their embassies in Sweden that require a certain percentage of all the money that a exileritrean in Sweden earn through self-support or grant support. The Eritrean who do not pay do not get the necessary documents and relatives in their home country may suffer reprisals. Policy makers in Sweden look the other way and has for a long time and paid assistance to the Eritrean regime.

Furthermore, it should be noted that the Eritrean regime is yet another in a series that has long been hailed and supported by the Swedish leftist movements that have fallen totalitarian dictatorship . Today speaks the Swedish left silent about that helped the Eritrean diaktaturregimen to power because it does not go with the fight to get the Eritrean journalist Dawit Isaak ‘s release , as of the Swedish left is obscure regarded as Swedish , although he emigrated back to his homeland.

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Danish politicians are boycotting Swedish journalists

Representatives of the Danish People’s Party (DF) , as Søren Espersen and Pia Kjærsgaard , has decided to no longer talk to the Swedish media. The reason is that the Swedish journalists left veiw are just lying, when they write about the party.

When the Bonnier – controlled newspaper the Daily News DN http://www.dn.se in June 2002, did an interview with Pia Kjærsgaard comprised only 15 percent of the text of the then DF leader ‘s own words . The rest of the article was that the agenda -setting DN- author was trying to portray her as a suspect and xenophobic person.
After a series of bad experiences Kjærsgaard now no longer makes interviews with Swedish media. But neither does the journalist Søren Espersen , who sat in Parliament for DF .
The newspaper Jyllands-Posten Espersen recognize that , -while it is both unfair and discriminatory to refuse to talk to journalists for the sole reason that they are active in Sweden. The reason that he can not do it is that it has dawned on him that “the Swedish journalists are not journalists but propagandists .”
“Sometimes we are forced to generalize – and in this case it is for me evident that the Swedish journalist guild regard themselves as members and representatives of the ‘ system Sweden ‘ . This system has since years back declared that all those who – for whatever reason – are opposed to immigration , is evil and must be combated as such , “says Espersen .
” A Swedish journalist must therefore necessarily be regarded Danish People’s Party as a direct opponent to be controlled and any fought ” he explains .
Søren Espersen gives in Jyllands-Posten a piquant description of his meetings with the Swedish media.
“I feel that little Alexander in Ingmar Bergman’s Fanny and Alexander, who are faced with the bishop, who – of course of love – with lashes and kind of want to push me out of the clutches of Satan and until God’s forgiveness . ”
” ‘ The Swedish journalist ‘ has over time become a derogatory term in the international press ,” writes Espersen .

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The Swedish opinion registration of citizens

The Swedish opinion registration had given jail in the U.S. Swedish newspaper Expressen´s hacking of Disqus comment system users violetes in all likelihood against the U.S. cybercrime law and would probably have given prison if it was performed in the United States. It maintains the leading U.S. trade publication Infosecurity that caters to specialists in cyber crime and IT security. The magazine writes about the so-called Swedish Research Group , former AFA documentation , as mandated by the media group Bonnier tabloid Expressen successfully sentiment register thousands of Swedish commentators on sites like Free Times , Avpixlat and Exposed in 2013. According to Infosecurity used the Research Group of the approach taken in the U.S. data , the hacker Andrew Auernheimer (aka ‘ weev ‘ ) , who managed to identify a large amount of email addresses from iPad users at the telephone company AT & T. Auernheimer downloaded the e-mail addresses because of a mistake at the AT & T lay open on the web without password protection, wrote the Wall Street Journal in connection with the investigation against him in 2010. Auernheimer was later found guilty of violation of U.S. computer crime law and sentenced to prison. The Research Group database is a total of 29 million comments from sites that use Disqus – such as CNN, The Telegraph , ABC News and The Jerusalem Post . In Sweden Disqus by including Swedish Dagbladet and SVT Debate , sites outside Bonnier Sphere. Infosecurity concludes his article by Research Group survey ” with almost complete certainty ” violates the U.S. computer crime law , the U.S. Computer Fraud and Abuse Act . Certainly no different behavior from what many security experts do their work, notes the newspaper, but in this case it is an aggravating factor that the players were driven by political motives , rather than an interest in computer security. Disqus announced on Thursday that it has contacted law enforcement agencies in the U.S. because of Expressen’s actions.

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In Sweden your are not allowed to have an opinion on the Internet


Aschberg with baseball bat hunts.Celebrity and multimillionaire Robert Aschberg seen posing with a baseball bat in the Schibsted -owned TV.nu ‘s press release about the new series ” Troll Hunters ” which will be broadcast on Swedish TV3.  The series is based on Robert Aschberg along with his TV crew confronts the opinion of registered people with what they posted on the internet. ” When Aschberg have found them they get face to face with him to explain why they behave as they do and they must be held accountable ,” it says in the press release. “The time is past when they’re free to spread hatred online. The hunt has begun , “it says on. Left Extremes Research Group has recently called data mining sentiment registered thousands of Swedes who posted comments on the internet , and the group has close links with Robert Aschberg . Together with one of the leading members of the Research Group operates Aschberg company Piscatus , which collects documents from government agencies such as courts , municipalities and government departments and make them searchable in a database

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